Marion MacPhee

I started painting 5 years ago with lessons given by Richard Cotgrove at the Marton Arts and Crafts centre.

In set up my studio at the Old Rata Post Office and decided to use the spare space as a gallery.

I really enjoy my painting as it is very relaxing and fulfilling.

I do not specialise in any particular subject as I prefer do a different  painting each time.

I use mostly oil, but will do the occasional acrylic. I have not yet tackled water colour.

I also enjoy pencil/charcoal drawing.

Each painting is a one off.  I will sell prints on canvas if requested.

I only sell my work on this web site and at the gallery or exhibitions.  I DO NOT SELL on Trademe.

Last year I decided to introduce art to others and now have a group on Wednesday afternoons.

More chat than art sometimes.  I recommend painting to all, especially those who think they haven’t got an artistic bone in their body. Everybody can do something artistic. I couldn’t but now I can.


Gallery,  610mm x 310mm, Oil on Canvas, $185.00After the Hunt, 600mm x 500mmApples, 470mm x 580mmTui, 240mm x 330mmKaimanawa Horses, 760mm x 380mmStag 400mm x  300mm Oil on Canvas $150.00